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Attract - Manage - Hire - Onboard

Brilliantly simple to use hiring software to help you hire great people, fast.

Everything you need in 1 place to take your hiring to a new level.

How It Works?

Using iKrut is almost too simple. You can have your first job posted in 1 minute.

Sign up (takes 30 seconds).
Add a job (less than 30 seconds) and post it to our free job board partners.
Login whenever you want to review the applications.

From building content rich job descriptions and careers pages, through to interview scheduling and then onboarding, iKrut gives you everything you need to create a hugely impressive recruitment experience for you, your candidates and your hiring managers.


Ikrut has helped to speed up and refine our recruitment processes tenfold. The team is responsive and customer service is great - they will always get back to you within 24 hours. The new features and products are also really exciting.
Hayley Osborne
HR Manager

Free vs Premium

iKrut offers you a paid or a free version of the system.

There’s no catch, it’s genuinely free. You can post as many jobs as you want and have as many users as you want.

You can receive applications from job adverts you place and login to review them. Just place an apply link that iKrut gives you onto wherever you advertise the role and iKrut will store those applicants for you, neatly logged against the job they applied to. Think of it as a way to store all your jobs and applications in 1 place.

iKrut offers 2 paid versions: premium and premium+.

Compared to the free version a premium or premium+ account will offer you substantially more functionality.

Premium caps you at a maximum of 50 jobs added over the next 12 months, whereas premium+ is unlimited. In addition premium+ users get access to our full range of functionality.

You are free to upgrade or downgrade your account at any time.

Here is the full list of functionality available with each account type:

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