Tell me how it works:

IKrut is a totally free applicant tracking system. Simply sign up and you can build a recruitment microsite with your logo on where you can list all your current vacancies. In addition you can create multiple links with whatever title you want to give them, listing any information you want on your company or organisation. Obviously since this is a careers site we recommend you create links like these........'5 reasons to join us' 'What our staff say' 'The recruitment process'............ etc. But it's entirely up to you what you call them or the content that appears. All the content and colours are fully configurable to your particular requirements.

Click here to view an example site

Once you've created your careers site you simply login, add on the jobs you are currently recruiting for, and rather than have job applicants or agencies email you cvs/resumes, you direct them to the microsite, where they can upload their cv/resume. Because it is web based there's no software or hardware to install and requires no training. You can use it whenever you like, from wherever you like, you just need access to the internet. Quite simply you just login from anywhere at anytime to view the cvs/resumes with each one logged against the job it was submitted to. iKrut can be used by any type of company or organisation of any size for an unlimited number of, forever.

If you would like your careers microsite to be an exact copy of your corporate site or you want a bespoke design, please contact us and we'll give you an estimate of how much it will cost.

What will it do for us?

Within a few days of using iKrut you will see noticeable improvements in every aspect of your recruitment processes. Specifically you can expect to:

  • reduce your time to hire by 50%
  • reduce the amount of work you spend on recruitment administration by 80%
  • start hiring people free of charge - why pay for advertising or a recruitment agency?

And this is how we achieve these ambitious goals for you:

* Easy facility for you or any nominated colleague to alter, add or delete jobs on your website
iKrut actually hosts the page on your website listing your current vacancies, any authorised user can add/delete/amend a job vacancy at any time without having to wait for your IT team or webmaster to do it for you.

* Applications accessible 24/7
All applications to all your jobs are stored in iKrut. Any colleague you give access rights to, can login and view cvs/resumes from anywhere, 24 hours a day. You can restrict each user to view cvs/resumes for only specific jobs if you so wish.

* Automatically places cvs/resumes into the correct job basket the person is applying for
No more manually placing emails into folders or emailing cvs/resumes around the office. Just login to iKrut and there are the responses placed correctly against the right job, which is a God send if you're hiring more than 1 vacancy at a time. Use the email a colleague facaility and notify them to login and view any cv/resume you want them to review or give them access so they can login whenever they want to view cvs/resumes for nominated vacancies.

* Automatic cv/resume screening system
Imagine how much more time you would have if you didn't have to read the 50% of applications that are way off the mark. iKrut's built in screening system (fully adjustable to each different role) will DO just that for you.

* Easy to use mass rejection system
For those cvs/resumes that do get through our screening system, if you don't think they're quite right, just press 1 button and they'll all be rejected via an automated email. No more need to write 25 rejection emails/letters.

* Build your own database of job seekers
iKrut allows you to store the cv/resume of any applicant so you can contact them for future vacancies. In addition, even if you have no current or suitable opportunities, iKrut also allows people to lodge their details with you in the hope you might consider them for a future opportunity. It's all automated, you don't have to do anything and iKrut's easy to use applicant search facility can find them for you in seconds. Why spend money hiring via agencies or job boards when you can build your own candidate database!

* Store all notes/correspondence in 1 place
Pretty obvious really! If you've got offer letters in 1 file, a cv/resume in another and interview notes somewhere else it all gets a bit messy. Stop hunting around for the information you need and store it all in one place. Any correspondence, references, offer letters, test results, interview notes and the cv/resume all in one place that you or any colleague can access 24/7. It will also store all emails between you and the applicant via our unique applicant messaging system.

* Shows you where all the applicants have come from
Wherever the candidate has come from direct to your site, from an agency, from a job board iKrut will show you exactly the source. You can produce reports to track where the applicants are coming from for any source.

* Allow selected agencies to submit cvs/resumes via iKrut (and stop all those unwanted agency submissions).
You can issue selected agencies with access codes to an agency portal on iKrut which allows them to submit their candidates to the vacancies you give them access to. Each application is then logged on your applications page, clearly identifying the source (which agency) ready for you to view or reject (just press 1 button!). No more rogue applications from unwanted agencies.

* Rank successful applications by unlimited criteria
You can rank the candidates that get through the screening system by any combination of criteria you choose. So you can tell iKrut to show you only applicants who have a degree, can start work within 6 weeks and can speak French if that's what you're looking for.

* Book all your interviews online
Don't waste time phoning up and chasing candidates to arrange interviews when technology can do it for you. Just use our online interview scheduler to nominate times when you are free, our system sends your selected candidates an email and they can then book themselves in for interview by choosing the best time for them.

* Chase candidate references automatically.
will organise the collection of references for you. Literally all you have to do is ask the candidates for their referees and iKrut will do all the rest. Why do the administration when iKrut will do it all for you?

* No more spam
Because with iKrut, you no longer use an email address as your response mechanism there is no way you can get sent spam. In addition, no unauthorised agencies can submit a cv/resume to you because there is no email listed for them to use.

* Internal applicants only
iKrut allows you to add a job on but hide it from public view. You can then advertise the role on your intranet for internal applicants only and then make it public if you can't fill it internally.

Does it need any training?

None at all.

We will of course show you how to use it if you want us to but most users don't need to. It's so intuitive that anyone, even without any prior recruitment experience, can work with iKrut almost immediately, requiring no guidance from us - it really is that simple to use.

How free is free?

iKrut's core functionality is absolutely free of charge. We know that it's sometimes hard to believe that something like this would be given away but it is. There really is no catch. You can use iKrut's core functionality as much as you like without any charge. That means you can add as many jobs and users as you like and receive unlimited numbers of applications……… all free.

If you want more functionality simply upgrade to a premium account which gives you all the functionality of the free version plus some amazing additional tools meaning you get everything you need to hire great people in no time at all. You can access all our premium functionality for an annual fee. Please visit the Premium vs Free section for full details. All new users get access to the premium functionality for their first 4 weeks and you can then choose if you want to purchase access to continue using it or just use the core system free.

How easy is it to set up?

Incredibly easy.

Just fill in the details on the Sign up section (takes under 30 seconds) and then just add on your jobs and they’ll appear instantly on your careers microsite which iKrut builds for you as part of the sign up process. Once they’ve been added on just direct the applicants to apply to your new careers portal. Simple.

Are we tied to a contract?

No. Just use it as much or as little as you want. You can stop using it anytime you want but we know you'll love it so that's unlikely.

Who can use iKrut?

Absolutely any company or organisation can use iKrut. Just sign up, set up your own careers microsite and start using it.

Can we transfer data to our HR System?

Yes. Premium customers can get access to our APIs where data can be sent from iKrut to any system you use.

Can we tailor iKrut to our exact requirements?

Most clients are usually very happy with the very full range of functionality iKrut provides but the system is fully configurable and a few clients have asked for bespoke alterations to suit their precise recruiting procedures. We would obviously have to make a small charge depending on what you wanted us to do.

Are there any upgrades issued?

Yes. We add in new features constantly and these will just be rolled out on an ad hoc basis. We'll let you know what the new features are so you can have a look.

Do we get any support?

Yes. You can call us anytime and we'll resolve the problem for you. We're quite proud of the fact that the system is so easy to use that we hardly ever get phone calls such as 'How do I do this.....'. But if you need us, you can call or email - whichever you prefer.

Who owns the data?

You do. We just look after it for you.

You can download any cvs/resumes or reformat any of the data whenever you like.

How secure is the data?

Our servers are hosted by Rackspace, one of the worlds largest hosting companies and backed up on a daily basis. They are hosted in secure data hosting centres with keycard protocols, biometric scanning protocols and round-the-clock surveillance. In addition they are supported with reserve power supplies to ensure uninterupted service regardless of what happens to external power supplies.