frequently asked questions (FAQ)

If you want to use the free version of iKrut you can do so as much as you like at no cost. You can add as many jobs as you like, have as many users as you need and receive as many applications and it's all free. You also get access to a limited range of tools to help you hire the candidate.

If you upgrade to a premium account you get access to all the free functionality plus a much larger range of premium tools to help you both source and manage the applicants as well. You can add as many jobs as you like up to the maximum you selected when purchasing a premium account. If you want even more functionality we also have a premium + account you can select.

Nope. If you just want to use the free functionality then you can use iKrut as much as you like (as many jobs, users and applications) and there's no cost. Just make sure you've activated the free plan option.

You only pay anything if you want to get access to our premium tools.

If you want a premium or premium+ account you can choose to pay monthly or via a single annual fee. We charge on the number of vacancies you choose to add in and prices for a premium account start from $275 a month or $3,300 upfront. This gets you access to our premium tools permitting you to add in up to 35 vacancies over the next 12 months.

To be able to add in up to 35 vacancies a year on a premium+ account, prices start from $400 a month or $4,400 as a single fee.

On either price plan, if you want more than 35 vacancies the pricing will go up depending on what volume of hiring you are doing. Feel free to contact us: for a specific quote if you can tell us what volume of vacancies you are likely to have.

Nope. Use it when you want. Stop when you want.

Yes you can change it any time you like at no cost. Those changes are instantly reflected on your careers site but can take up to 24 hours to be reflected on any job boards we've posted it to via our job blaster tool.

Simply select the product that you want (premium or premium+), then select how many vacancy credits you want and then if you want to pay monthly or via a single annual fee. Vacancy credits can be purchased online in the following quantities:

35, 70, 120, 200, 350

If you want to purchase a different amount, please contact us and we’ll quote you a bespoke price. There is a minimum of 35 vacancy credits for a premium account and 70 for a premium+ account.

A single vacancy credit is used up for each vacancy you add into iKrut so we recommend you select vacancy credits in proportion to the expected hiring you will have over the next 12 months. If you think you’ll have roughly around 100 vacancies this year, you would purchase the 120 vacancy credit option. Your account is then allocated with 120 vacancy credits and each time you add a vacancy into iKrut, your balance of credits reduces by 1. If you think you’ll be hiring 60 staff then you would be best advised selecting the option of 70 vacancy credits.

If you want more than 350 vacancy credits, please contact us and we’ll produce a bespoke pricing plan for you.

You can use them any time within 12 months from date of purchase.

You can add as many jobs as you like if you're on the free system. It's always free to add a job on and use the core functionality at no cost. If you want to use any or all of the premium services then you would need to upgrade to one of the premium accounts. You can then add on as many jobs as you like subject to the number of vacancies you selected when purchasing your premium account. If you don't want to purchase access to our premium tools then just go ahead and use iKrut's free tools as much as you like.

If you are on the free account you can have as many jobs live open at any one time as you like, just be aware that the functionality open to you as a free user is limited.

If you have a premium or premium+ account you can use up all your credits in one go if you wish and have as many vacancies open as you have credits available to use. iKrut doesn’t have any monthly caps so if you wish to use all your credits in one month, then that’s up to you.

Yes. There are no time restrictions. If you wish to keep a vacancy open for a long time you can. However we don’t recommend you do because it will cause problems with the reports, especially time to hire and cost per hire reporting.

Yes. As soon as you sign up you get 4 weeks of complimentary access to iKrut's full range of premium functionality (except we won’t build you a careers site or let you use the cv/resume bulk upload tool until you have a paid account). This also includes 8 free credits to try out the video profiling tool as well. You can then get a feel for all the great tools available to you at no charge.

After your first 4 weeks you then decide whether you want to continue as a premium or premium+ customer or revert to using only the free functionality. If you choose the latter you will not lose any jobs or applications and you can still add on as many jobs as you like, have as many users as you like and receive as many applications as you like, you just don't get access to the premium tools. If you want to continue utilising the premium functionality you would simply purchase a premium or premium+ plan.

Please be assured after your 4 week free trial you can't accidentally spend any money unless you decide to purchase a premium plan. If you downgrade to free, no data is lost. All that happens is that all the premium suite of tools is deactivated.

If you want to downgrade to the free plan just click here on the home page after logging in:

Then activate the free account. That's it.

You can hire as many as you like. For example, if you purchase 35 vacancy credits and over the life of your 12 month plan you just happen to hire 60 people from those 35 vacancies then good luck to you.

You can onboard as many candidates as you like but we reserve the right to apply a fair usage policy if you are onboarding a disproportionate number of new hires relative to the amount of vacancies you’ve added in. If you are regularly onboarding more candidates than vacancies purchased, we will ask you to upgrade your account to a higher plan.

You can create as many employee records as you like.

You can extract data from iKrut very easily and send it to any system you use for HR, Payroll or Finance. We have set up what are known as APIs which you will need to hook into the system or systems you want data to go into and with the click of a button in iKrut you can select what data you want to extract. Typically when you’ve recruited someone you would want to extract their name and contact details to populate a new hire record in your HR system and possibly your finance and payroll systems as well.

It requires a little bit of work by you (typically someone in your IT/in house technical team) but we provide you with all the tools you need.

No. Paying monthly is a little more expensive but the advantage is that you can stop whenever you like and no further payments will be taken so you can sign up for some vacancy credits and if you then decide after say 3 months you no longer want a premium or premium+ account, you will only have paid 3 x the monthly fee and the monthly recurring fee will then be cancelled.

If you have paid upfront you are free to upgrade / downgrade whenever you wish.

If you are paying monthly, we don’t permit you to downgrade your account until after the 12 months has expired but you are free to upgrade if you need more credits at any time.

If you have paid for your premium account in a single annual payment (i.e. the full amount up front) then your premium plan will finish after 12 months and it’s then up to you to renew it or not (we’re sure it will be the former as you’ll love iKrut). If you purchase one of our premium plans and choose to pay monthly your premium plan expires after 12 months and then another one automatically starts with a fresh batch of vacancy credits allocated to your account so you can continue to use iKrut’s premium functionality without any disruption. Your credit/debit card continuing to be charged the monthly fee. If you choose to pay monthly you will continue to be charged the monthly fee until you cancel it.

Don't worry your jobs or applications don't disappear and you won't lose any data. If you're on a pay monthly plan it just automatically renews and another 12 month plan starts. If you have paid the full amount upfront your premium plan is not automatically renewed. All that happens is that access to the premium functionality will be disabled until you renew your current plan or purchase a different one, but you can still use all the other functionality as much as you like, free, including being able to add in as many new jobs as you like. Don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder to renew a few weeks before hand.

If you choose not to renew your annual premium account, any changes you make to the candidate workflow or acknowledgment messages you create will revert back to the default settings of the free system.

To get access to our premium or premium+ products you need to purchase vacancy credits with 1 vacancy credit used up for each vacancy you add into iKrut. We offer them online to purchase in the following quantities:

35, 70, 120, 200, 350

If you think you are likely to be hiring an amount that doesn’t quite fit with what we are offering online, simply email us ( and tell us how many you need and we’ll come up with a bespoke price for you for whatever volume of vacancy credits you want.

If you have paid upfront, simply purchase another batch of vacancy credits. You are free to choose a different amount (higher or lower)... whatever you like. Your 12 months access to all of the premium functionality will start afresh from whenever you purchase another batch of vacancy credits.

If you pay monthly and you use up all your credits before the end of the 12 months simply contact us just before you run out and we will agree a new 12 month plan but we will allocate you more than you purchased last time to more closely reflect your current volume of hiring.

If you have paid for your premium account via a one off payment then you don’t need to cancel as no recurring payments will be taken. If you want to renew for another year you just need to repurchase the appropriate premium plan.

If you have opted for the monthly recurring subscription then please email with the subject line: Subscription cancellation.

We will also need your company name as well. We will then cancel your premium account immediately and no further payments will be taken.

As soon as you sign up to iKrut you are allocated a basic careers site which will have your logo on, you can add content about your company and links back to it and of course it will have your live vacancies on. If you wish to upgrade that to match up exactly with your corporate site or any design you wish us to copy then we can redesign it to any requirements you wish.

To upgrade your iKrut powered careers site you would need either a premium or premium+ account. This service is not available to customers on a free account.

The costs for this would start from $6,000.

Here is an example: Plenitude Consulting

Please contact us and we'll explain why a bespoke careers page is better than using the jobs widget/code to embed the jobs onto your site. It's all to do with reporting statistics! In addition we can make it mobile responsive so it can be viewed and navigated easily on any mobile. We will also ensure that it is SEO optimised to ensure your best chances of your jobs being indexed by search engines like Google. The Holy Grail of recruiting is to get Google to index your jobs high up it’s natural listings!

If you have upgraded to a premium or premium + account you are allocated 1 video credit for each vacancy credit you purchase. So if you purchased 70 vacancy credits you would get 70 video credits as well.

If you require more than this, you can purchase additional video credits from the video credits section or you can upgrade to a higher plan. When you purchase a premium plan you are allocated the number of video credits for that plan and you can track your usage of the video tool by visiting the video credits section. It will show you how many you have used up and have remaining. If at any stage you want to request more candidates to complete a video profile than your premium plan permits, simply purchase the extra credits you need directly from the video credits section.


As soon as you sign up you get 4 weeks of complimentary access to iKrut's full range of premium and premium+ functionality. You can then get a feel for all the great tools available to you at no charge. After that you will be moved to the free plan automatically or you can choose to continue using the premium tools by purchasing a premium plan. Please be assured you cannot accidentally purchase anything and neither will you ever accidentally incur any charges. You will only ever be charged to use iKrut if you choose to take out one of our premium subscriptions.

Absolutely. All your data (jobs, candidates, notes etc) will remain in the system and candidates can still apply to your jobs exactly as before the only difference is that the premium functionality will not be available to you once your annual plan expires after 12 months. You simply move onto the free plan and you can continue to add on as many jobs as you like.

Don't forget there are no limitations with the number of jobs you can add in free of charge using all of our core functionality at no cost.

Yes. We can download the candidate’s data into a zip file and simply send it to you. Alternatively you can download it yourself or if you have a premium account, you can hook into our APIs and transfer it electronically. We charge an administration fee to do that for you and will vary depending on the volume of work we would need to do.

If you are a premium customer you can add as many as you like but there is a cap of no more than 2,000 per month. There is no total cap, only a monthly upload limit.

Yes. We have a bulk upload tool available to all premium or premium+ customers who can upload up to 2000 resumes/cvs per month.

If you have a larger requirement, so typically you might have a one off batch of candidate records you want to upload, please contact us and we’ll arrange for you to add them in. Additional charges will apply depending on the volume you wish to upload.

Well you may have heard about things called APIs. Essentially they are a way for a system like iKrut to send data (candidate names, phone numbers, applications etc) to a third party system (i.e. your HR software). As a premium customer you can tap into that service to get the data you need to automatically create a new candidate record in your HR system. This saves you having to manually create a new record and manually enter the candidate’s details each time... which is a bit of time saver if you're hiring lots of people. In iKrut just tick a box to confirm the candidate has accepted your offer and the data gets sent magically to your HR tool. Well nearly magically.