Our mission

iKrut = nimble recruiting

What we're trying to do with iKrut is give every company or organisation, no matter how large or small, access to a fantastic and completely free applicant tracking system. Traditionally companies hiring less than about 30 people a year would not have considered using recruitment software because of the cost so now we've levelled the playing field so any small employer can compete with the big guys, typically hiring the best talent much faster than they can.

iKrut = nimble recruiting

We see iKrut as your one stop shop for all things recruitment so whatever it is you need in connection with recruiting, just login to iKrut and you can buy that service through us. Job board advertising, staffing/recruitment agencies, video interviewing, reference checking......everything you could want all coordinated from one place.

Think of iKrut as a bit like a shopping mall where you can go and buy the products and services you need whilst getting a great piece of free recruitment software to bring it all together.

Over the coming months we'll be introducing more and more services from our partners to make that vision come true.

Remember......you don't have to use any of these services if you don't want to and you can still use iKrut to manage all the applications free of charge.