It's so easy to use

That's the thing that nearly every company says when you ask them what they think of iKrut. Check out the comments from some of iKrut's happy customers on the homepage and see what they say.

We're really proud of that.

We're really proud of the fact that we've built a system with lots of amazing functionality that's all yours, free. Forever. So if you're relying on emails and spreadsheets to coordinate recruitment you're going to love what iKrut does for you.

So here's how it works:

  • 1Sign up and add a vacancy (that takes under 1 minute we promise).
  • 2Assuming you've elected to make the job public it will then appear instantly on your iKrut powered careers portal (you get one with your logo on as soon as you sign can adjust it).
  • 3Wherever you are advertising the role - your website or paid job boards that you use just direct the candidate to apply at your new careers portal where they upload their details. You can also send your job to top free job search engines we distribute it to with 1 click, again with all applicants sent into your iKrut account.
  • 4Login to iKrut to pick up the applications all neatly stored against the job they've applied to.
  • 5Share access with your colleagues so they can comment on the applicants you shortlist, mass reject inappropriate applications and use iKrut's email scheduler to arrange your interviews.
  • 6Hire the applicant with a slightly smug grin having let iKrut do the vast majority of the work for you.
  • 7Onboard them with our amazing onboarding portal making it easy for you to collect information from them whilst sharing documents they need to see.