Why it’s free?

Whenever you offer something like iKrut free people are understandably suspicious......’There must be a catch’ or words to that effect. After all, there are plenty of online recruitment systems out there typically costing you anywhere between $2,000 - $20,000 a year depending on how much you use them. But with iKrut, there really is no catch:

Any company or organisation can use iKrut’s core functionality absolutely free of charge. Add as many jobs and users as you like and receive unlimited applications.
No catches
No contracts
No gimmicks

Just free recruitment software.

Ok so now we’ve reassured you it’s free and always going to be free, you’re wondering what’s in it for us. Why would we give a system like iKrut away free when everyone else charges thousands of $$$$$ a year for something similar (or worse!)? Well obviously we want to make money from iKrut and we do that by offering a core version of iKrut which has a great range of easy to use functionality to help manage and collate all the applications you receive free, but we also offer a premium version of iKrut which has a suite of additional tools not available in the free version (though every company that signs up can try all of iKrut’s functionality for their first 4 weeks).

iKrut’s premium functionality is available for an annual fee and the cost is dependent on the volume of hiring you are doing. You simply purchase an annual plan in proportion to the number of jobs you are likely to hire in the next 12 months. Once you’ve activated your premium plan you get access to all the premium functionality and you can add in as many jobs as you like limited to the agreed maximum number of vacancies in the plan you’ve purchased.

As soon as you sign up you are automatically given a 6 week free trial of our premium functionality. If you don’t want to continue as a premium customer after that then simply carry on using iKrut’s core system as much as you like at no cost.

Here is a list of our premium functionality:

Job blaster: show your job to millions of jobs seekers with just 1 click

Job blaster is a job distribution tool which sends your job to up to 20+ job search engines, classified sites and your social media networks. A great way to get candidates, very quickly with just 1 click.

glassdoor linkedin indeed facebook simplyhired careerbliss jobmanji yakaz twitter careerjet

Referrals: hire the best people for less money with the power of referrals

iKrut has a brilliant referral tool that allows you to distribute your jobs to your employees, clients, suppliers, ex employees and anyone else inviting them them to socialise your vacancies via their social networks to the hundreds of friends and business contacts they have. All applications are tracked back to the staff member who the referral came through so you can offer them a referral reward.


Video profiles: stop wasting time interviewing unsuitable candidates

Invite an applicant to complete a video profile so you can actually see and hear the candidate to help shortlist only the best for interview. Ask them a series of questions and they record a video answer for you to review.

You can invite as many candidates as you like to submit a video profile to you up to the amount stated in the package that you purchase.


Application forms and EEO monitoring

Whether you want to track EEO information for diversity monitoring purposes or you want find out if they have a driving license, what shift patterns they can work…

……anything you like, if you have a series of questions you want to ask every candidate you can create multiple different online application forms and allocate them to the right job for all applicants to complete.

EEO Monitoring

Premium customers can also decide whether they want the candidate to submit a cv/resume or just an application form.

Staffing agency logins

Give you staffing agencies access to iKrut’s agency portal so they can submit their candidates to only the jobs you choose. All applications are trackable so you can produce detailed reports on which agencies are producing the goods.

Custom email tools

You can bulk email as many candidates as you like in one go creating and storing any messages you like so you don’t have to keep typing them over and over.

In addition we have a one to one messaging tool that acts just like email but all the communication between you and an individual candidate is stored on their file for ease of reference and retrieval if it’s ever needed. Why send out emails outside of iKrut when all your communication history can be stored in easily retrievable place? You can even see when a candidate has read your message.

Custom E-mail

Screening questions

Reduce the number of unsuitable applications you have to go through by adding screening questions. Ask an unlimited number of questions with different answer types to ensure only relevant candidates are reviewed.

Screening Questions

Adjustable acknowledgement messages

When a candidate applies they receive a message on screen and also emailed to them to confirm receipt of their application. As a premium customer you can edit those messages and change them to anything you want.

Detailed reports

As a premium customer you can get access to aggregate reports on who is applying to you and from what exact source (job boards, agencies etc). You can produce EEO reports as well as work out your cost and time to hire across the whole company or an individual department. You can produce these both graphically or as a downloadable table.

Screening Questions

Adjustable work flow

On the free system you can log a candidate by a given list of current statuses ….”under review” “on hold” etc. Upgrade to premium and you can edit that list and add whatever work flows you want.


Job widget

We give you some code and whoever looks after your website can place that code onto your site and any jobs you add in to the back office will appear on your corporate site.

Here is an example and another example.

Your iKrut careers site designed to look exactly like your corporate site

Sign up for any premium plan and we’ll redesign your iKrut powered careers portal to identically match with your corporate site. Here are 2 examples of fully branded bespoke careers page we have built for clients:


There is a one off cost starting from $6,000 for this additional service.

A fully branded site includes the web address of your choice which is also mobile responsive. Should your site be viewed by job seekers on a mobile phone (more and more are) the site layout will change to a mobile friendly version making it easier to apply including the option to apply via the applicants Linkedin profile.

Alternatively if you wish to create a new design, please contact us and we will discuss the options with you.

Talent pool

Add applications into your easily searchable talent pool and make future hires for free.

Talent Pool

In addition on your iKrut powered careers portal, candidates will be able to sign up for job alerts which are emailed to them as soon as a matching job goes live. They can also deposit their details into your talent pool so you can search and find them for any future vacancies.

Socialise your jobs

Select from multiple sites and socialise your job via the power of social media. One click distribution to Facebook, Twitter, LInkedin, and dozens more so you and candidates can spread the word that you’re hiring.

Keyword search tool

This allows you to very quickly scan through all the applications to a job for any keyword or phrase that you would expect to see on the application of a suitable applicant. So if you're hiring a .net Developer and you do a keyword search for “.net” iKrut will highlight those who have that phrase mentioned on their cv/resume, making it easy to identify who will and won't be suitable.

Extra documents

When you add a job in you can upload extra documents to it which are then attached to the job details for the potential applicants to review on your iKrut powered careers portal prior to applying.

You can also ask for extra documents from them so in addition to their cv/resume you can ask the candidate to submit any extra document you require, which is then stored on their candidate file ready for you to review.

Extra Documents

Integration with your HR system

Via an API (your techies can explain what an API is) when you hire someone you can send the data from iKrut to your own HR system to pre-populate a new candidate record with the candidate’s name, contact details, email address, cv, covering letter they applied with and more. Just press a button in iKrut and we’ll send the data to your HR system. This will save you a ton of time not having to manually create a new record in your HR system each time you hire someone.