Demo site

We have set up a fully functioning demo site for you to browse around. Click here to view the careers microsite.

This microsite lists some made up jobs and mimics how your microsite would work with all your live vacancies displayed like this. You can login to the back office via the login link at the top of the page:

password: Test2020

Feel free to open up every section, add or edit jobs or generally play with it as much as you like.

Probably the best way of learning what the system will do for you is to actually submit a dummy application to any of those jobs listed on the demo site.

So just click on the job title, then click Apply now and fill in the details with an email address you can pick up right now.

You can then login to view your application logged against the job you applied to. If you really want to get a feel for what iKrut will do you for you, what you can do is add yourself on as an User and then interact with that dummy candidate (i.e. you) all the way through the recruitment process. To set yourself up as a user just visit the User Administration section - add new user. Set yourself up as an Administrator and then log back in with the newly issued login details. You can then see how the inbuilt messaging section works, you can see the online interview scheduler in action and even go all the way through to collecting references online.

The demo site only shows the functionality available to you on a free account. If you want to see all the functionality available to you as a premium or premium+ customer then schedule a 30 minute demo, just email us at with 2 suggested times and dates and we'll confirm one of them with you.