Senior Electrical Technician
Location(s) San Marcos
Employment Type Permanent
Job Listed 08-Sep-2020
Job Description


At Parabilis, we design, develop, test, and fly affordable propulsion, launch vehicle, and spacecraft/small satellite solutions.  Our vision is to enable new space markets by providing innovative but simple propulsion, launch vehicle, and spacecraft solutions that are substantially more affordable than currently available products.  Parabilis is one of the few companies in the world that has both propulsion and satellite capabilities under one roof.

We are leveraging the extensive space heritage of our team to build an exciting and growing company that will meet the current and future needs of our customers and provide a challenging and fun place for our employees to pursue their dreams.  Our current programs include an upper stage for a commercial small launch vehicle, a space mission for the United States Air Force, and hypersonic propulsion R&D for space and atmospheric flights.

Parabilis Space Technologies, Inc. is located in San Marcos, CA and operates a propulsion test facility in Lakeside, CA.


If you are selected for this position, your responsibilities will include electrical and mechanical fabrication and assembly tasks on ground and flight systems.  You will also have opportunities to contribute up and down the value chain (design, prototype development, assembly, integration, test, and customer support).


  • Developing cable/wire harness designs
  • Technical writing; developing detailed assembly procedures
  • Construction, assembly and integration of wiring harnesses and other cables into space vehicles and systems per procedure or instructions
  • Soldering per NASA standard (e.g., NASA-STD-8739), schematics, drawings, and oral instructions
  • Using common machine shop equipment (drills, cutting tools, lathes, etc.) to fabricate mechanical parts; performing mechanical assemblies per drawings and oral instructions
  • Environmental testing of spacecraft and/or propulsion systems
  • Maintaining test equipment (spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, oscilloscopes, etc.) machines, and component supplies/stocks
  • Mixing fuel-related materials and forming/assembling fuel grains per instructions and procedures
  • Conducting propulsion test site operations; contributing substantially to cold flow and hot fire testing of propulsion systems
  • Performing other duties as needed or as assigned; identifying work that needs to be done (not just performing tasks as assigned), performing work in a timely, safe, and professional manner; and identify opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Tracking jobs and checking work


  • Strong understanding of (and ability to read and comprehend) electrical schematics & termination drawings
  • Knowledge of (and experience with) aerospace-type wiring and components such as connectors, backshells, conduits, relays, switches, terminal junction system components, etc.
  • Demonstrated ability to perform fine pitch soldering to standards required for spacecraft flight hardware e.g., NASA-STD-8739 “Soldered Electrical Connections"
  • Experience designing wire harnesses (or similar components) and integrating harnesses them into a space vehicle or aircraft
  • Ability to use standard electronic test/diagnostic tools such as a spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, oscilloscope, etc.
  • Ability to setup and check-out instrumentation systems to measure pressures, temperatures, and strain gauges.
  • Ability to work in a rapid-paced “prototype” development environment where documentation and guidance may be limited
  • Ability to demonstrate attention to detail in technical writing of processes/procedures
  • U.S. citizen/US person is required due to the government work performed by Parabilis



  • Experience with schematics in Microsoft Visio
  • Experience with composites
  • Mill and lathe machining experience
  • Catia V5 Electrical Workbench
  • Propulsion test experience
  • Knowledge of Labview and experience using Labview data acquisition systems
  • Ability to troubleshoot and repair industrial machinery such as propane/diesel powered generators
  • Availability for periodic travel


Parabilis does not expect every candidate to meet every requirement and have every desirable skill or knowledge that is listed.  Because of the unique challenge of developing space systems with a small team, Parabilis is looking for a truly unique individual with a very broad background and skillset.

As a small company, Parabilis relies on the capabilities and good judgement of its employees.  We prefer to unleash the talent of our employees rather than trying to control it with hierarchy or excessive bureaucracy.  Subsequently, the person selected for this position will be trusted and empowered to act in the best interest of Parabilis and its customers.  Every person at

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