The first step in subcontracting with Technical Documents on Demand is to attach your resume and send it to us trhough our "micro-portal." We will add your information to our database for consideration. Important: Be sure to attach your resume in Microsoft Word format!

We work with W-2 employees, 1099 consultants, and incorporated consultants. All subcontractors must satisfy the IRS criteria for independent contractors.

Location(s) San Jose, CA
Employment Type Permanent
Job Listed 08-Feb-2016
Job Description

Technical Documents on Demand is not a placement agency or a recruiting firm. Instead, we are a full-service organization of technical writing and management professionals who work with you on specific client projects. Both our subcontractors and our clients must be fully satisfied with this relationship before any subcontract work begins. Some clients are happy to leave the vetting completely to us, and they trust us to supply top contracting talent. Other clients ask to interview the subcontractors first. In either case, we work with technical professionals to assist us in providing the client with solutions and to enhance their own career experience.

Before applying to this position please view our privacy policy.

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