Why it’s free?

Whenever you offer something like iKrut free people are understandably suspicious......’There must be a catch’ or words to that effect. After all, there are plenty of online recruitment systems out there typically costing you anywhere between $2,000 - $20,000 a year depending on how much you use them. But with iKrut, there really is no catch:

Any company or organisation can use iKrut free of charge on a totally unrestricted basis as much or as little as they like.
No catches
No contracts
No gimmicks

Just free recruitment software.

Ok so now we’ve reassured you it’s free and always going to be free, you’re wondering what’s in it for us. Why would we give a system like iKrut away free when everyone else charges thousands of $$$$$ a year for something similar (or worse!)? Well obviously we want to make money from iKrut and here’s how we do it. Through the companies we partner with, we provide extra services to help you recruit more efficiently. No one using iKrut is under any obligation to use any of these add on services but they’re there if you want them. If you just want to use iKrut without purchasing any of these extra services then that’s absolutely fine and thousands of companies do just that. Help yourself to a fantastic free applicant tracking system.

So you’re probably wondering what those extra services are.........

Boost job applications with the world's most successful job site:

Indeed is the world's most visited job site with over 60 million unique visitors each month and a recent study has shown it to be nearly twice as successful in filling jobs than the next best source.
To get more job applications you can sponsor your job on Indeed to ensure it appears high up the job listings and viewed by potentially millions of job seekers.

Indeed works a little like Google in that you pay a small fee each time a job seeker views your job but there's no charge to have your job published (so if you don't get much interest you don't pay very much and if no one views the job you don't pay anything). You can cap how much you want to spend by setting a budget for each job and that budget slowly goes down as job seekers view your job.

Buy your job board adverts through iKrut

We also partner with a number of leading niche and generalist job boards so you can use iKrut to both purchase your job credits with these sites and post your vacancy to them as well. No need to post the job separately to half a dozen different sites......just do everything from within iKrut with a couple of clicks.

Video application forms

We've integrated some amazing functionality which allows you to create online video application forms and then ask the candidate to complete it. So rather than have a boring written one that doesn't tell you very much, what you do is review all the applications submitted to the job then ask the candidates that look interesting to answer your questions via a webcam. They record their video answers and you or the hiring manager can just login to iKrut at anytime to review them. That way you can get a much better feel for what they're like before deciding to meet them face to face. Everything is coordinated with beautiful simplicity through iKrut. So instead of having to interview 6 or more candidates for each job, you can just zero in on the 1 or 2 best ones by simply reviewing the videos they submit.

To make sure you do try it the really good news is that you get 8 free credits as part of the free plan. If you then want to continue using the video application tool just purchase the volume of credits you need via the credits section. If you want use it more than that then just buy usage through iKrut for as little as $4 per applicant video submitted.

Time saved: fewer wasted face to face interviews
Money saved: cut down on interview expenses by doing fewer interviews

Online testing

You can optionally assess candidates during the application process, choosing from a large range of different psychometric tests such as numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning, personality profile, emotional intelligence and reliability – all tests supplied by Onetest. You can add the tests into the initial application (e.g. requiring that all applicants must sit it) or you can invite selected candidates to sit one or more of the tests after you have shortlisted them for your position.

The candidates can do them from home – or at your offices just before you interview them. The results are available within moments and are stored on their candidate file.

If you have your own tests that you use, you can embed them into iKrut as part of the recruitment process. Contact us to discuss how we can do that for you.

CV Parsing

Got a whole load of cvs and resumes you'd like to store in iKrut's applicant database?

Well you could add them in 1 by 1 which, let's be honest, would be a bit dull so we've partnered with RChili so you can use their amazing resume parsing software to do all the work for you.

So all those cvs you've got lying around, well you can now get them stored in iKrut to kick start your talent pool via Rchilli's amazing technology. Just a few clicks and it will add them all into iKrut for you so you can search your talent pool any time in the future and get a free hire.

Internal referrals

Everyone knows that the best hires come from referrals so use iKrut to manage it for you. With iKrut's referral add on you can upload into iKrut the emails of all your staff by location and department. Every time you add a new vacancy you can then select which members of staff should receive an email asking them for referrals. There are 1 click links to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin so your staff can socialise the job to everyone they know very easily.

iKrut allocates a unique code to each member of staff so applications can be tracked back to the staff member who generated the referral. When that candidate applies the name of the person who referred the candidate is automatically logged in the candidate's file and because referrals are generally of higher quality, iKrut will alert you with an email the moment a referral application is submitted.

The job referral tool uses up just 2 credits each time you send out a job to your staff asking for referrals. You can purchase credits from the credits section. To make sure you do try it the really good news is that you get 8 free credits as part of the free plan. If you then want to continue using iKrut's job referral tool, just purchase the volume of credits you need via the credits section.

We need to have a quick chat with you to adjust how it works to your precise requirements so please get in contact and we'll discuss how to get the best out of it.

Remember......you don't have to use any of these premium services if you don't want to and you can still use iKrut free of charge.